FCG – Working for well-being

FCG is a multi-expertise company that provides services in infrastructure, environmental and urban design, in multidisciplinary training and in developing public services. The company’s clients represent a broad range of private and public sector organisations.

In addition to Finland, FCG also has extensive international operations and we operate worldwide. FCG has subsidiaries in Sweden, Romania, Bulgaria, New Zealand and Singapore. FCG’s owner is Kuntaliitto Holding Ltd.


Timor Leste’s capital city Dili, like many cities in Asia, lacks a modern system for solid waste collection and disposal. A number of private truck operators collect the waste from open and often overflowing containers, and haul it to a dumpsite in Tibar that is operated with very few environmental protection measures. A significant amount of the waste remains uncollected, either being illegally dumped or burnt within residential areas. Some of the garbage is discarded in the drainage system, causing flooding or ending up in the ocean. Heavy smoke emanates from the dumpsite as parts of it are perpetually in fire due to waste pickers attempting to salvage valuable materials from the waste by burning it.Read more
FCG Modernizing Solid Waste Management in Timor Leste
FCG International has launched implementation of the project Finland’s Support to the Ukrainian School Reform. Project is implemented in partnership with Helsinki University Centre for Continuing Education HY+ and Helsinki University Faculty of Educational Sciences. This six million Euros project is funded by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland and it runs until July 2022.Read more