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Stories from the Field: Organic Vegetables in Bolivia and Dairy Production in Rwanda

Stories from the Field: Organic Vegetables in Bolivia and Dairy Production in Rwanda

– 2017 brought a new opportunity - I participated in a global level strategic evaluation for the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Pamela White, Senior Manager for for Development Consulting at FCG International tells.

– This included field visits to FAO offices and communities in new countries for me – Barbados, Jamaica, Bolivia, Chile and Rwanda – as well as work with many other countries from a distance. 

White’s assignment was particularly focused on evaluating the work carried out on agrifood systems, value chains and gender. 

– This means a lot of desk work reading documents; interviews by Skype and in person; meetings with FAO staff, government staff and other stakeholders in each country; and visits to projects in the field to check what has been achieved and where the gaps are. 

– Then a lot of reporting! The assignment started and finished in Rome with meetings with the rest of the team and FAO staff at headquarters, White continues.

Bolivia 2 1500

FAO's Urban and Peri-Urban Agriculture project in Sucre, Bolivia. These Quechua ladies are growing organic vegetables for home and sale, as well as hosting eco-tourists. They were demonstrating what they tell and show the tourists who visit.

Bolivia 3 1500

Inspecting a community food processing plant near Tupiza, on the Altiplano in Bolivia. The community has built the plant to dry fruit and process maize, to produce nutritious food to sell to the schools in the municipality.

Rwanda 1 1500

Visiting a dairy cooperative project run by FAO in Rwanda. The main participants are women. They have received training in issues such as animal feed production and animal husbandry, cooperative formation, milk hygiene and processing, gender, etc.

In Barbados White met with the staff of the Caribbean Agricultural Research and Development Institute (CARDI), as part of the cassava project. - We visited the field where the trial cassava crops were growing, plus looked at the machinery received from the project and the trials they are running at producing animal feed from cassava wastes, White describes

Pamela White has worked for FCG International since 2000. She works with tenders, implementation support, and short term consultancies in gender, water and sanitation, rural development and agriculture, as well as evaluations.

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