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Blog: Year 2100 - Free land anyone?

Blog: Year 2100 -  Free land anyone?

It is generally known, that the area of Finland is steadily increasing.

 The reason is a phenomenon known as post-glacial rebound. During the last ice age the Earth’s crust was depressed 500 metres due to Fennoscandian ice sheets weight. 

How is the shoreline length going to change? And what about the total area of available land? And what kind of impact this phenomenon will have on the Finnish cities?

Denisa Kujovská, Bachelor’s degree programme student at the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague (CULS) concluded a study on change in area among two costal cities Oulu and Rauma during her Erasmus+ traineeship at FCG in the summer 2017.

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Katariina Kääpä (katariina.kaapa a, Dec 14th 2017