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Stories from the field - Improving Indonesian wastewater management in three cities

Stories from the field - Improving Indonesian wastewater management in three cities

The expanding cities in Indonesia are facing a gigantic task of developing infrastructure and institutions for safe management of wastewater produced by city residents, commercial establishments and industries. Contracted by the Asian Development Bank, FCG is currently providing technical assistance to design a project for city-wide wastewater management in three cities of Banda Aceh, Mataram and Bekasi.

The Sewerage System Development Project (SSDP)  aims to contribute to safe disposal of domestic wastewater in target cities by expanding centralized sewer systems and rehabilitation of wastewater treatment facilities and facilitating regulated sludge collection, treatment and disposal systems of on-site systems. FCG supports this by designing capacity building plans and cost estimates for service delivery mechanism and public awareness in the three cities, preparing financial assessments, social and environmental due diligence and project procurement guidelines. 

During the past month, the TA team has facilitated intensive 3-day road mapping workshops in the three target cities, where the government authorities have mapped out their current situation with regard to wastewater management, set targets for the next five to ten years and prepared action plans for reaching the targets. The results of the workshops will be translated into the capacity building plan, thereby ensuring that the project design is embedded in the local government institutions. While the amount of work ahead to develop the sector is huge – at the moment only a fraction of sewerage produced in the cities is treated properly and the institutional capacities to deal with the issue are low – the government authorities have shown enthusiasm, commitment and readiness to collaborate in order to improve the environmental and health conditions in their cities.  

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