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Free 3D map platform for all Finnish municipalities for urban planning

Free 3D map platform for all Finnish municipalities for urban planning

FCG Finnish Consulting Group offers the national FCG MAPGETS map platform and the CityInfo urban planning app free of charge to all Finnish municipalities.

Towns and municipalities have free access to an urban model that visualises geographic information and an real-time 3D planning environment. With these tools, towns and municipalities can, for example, visualise planning projects, existing plans, plot information or traffic routes. Information published on the map platform is open to all and available in real time: citizens, authorities, decision-makers and property developers.

Municipalities can import any material that contains geographic information and is readable through application programming interfaces (API) to the 3D map. This material can be reviewed individually or together with other information on the MAPGETS platform. The platform speeds up urban development, land use planning and the review of various plans. It also helps to analyse the impact of different plans, also in the future. 

MAPGETS is the first free and openly available system-independent 3D map platform for presenting geographic information in Finland. The service is Finnish and fully developed in Finland. It is produced by FCG City Portal Oy.

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