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Impact Evaluation of Finnish Support to the Land Sector of Cambodia in 1997-2013

The Finnish government has supported land administration processes in Cambodia for 16 years (1997 – 2013), with four separate programmes and intervention modalities. Activities have included cadastral surveying and mapping, land registration and capacity building, land policy and legislation development, land evaluation and land titling services. FCG carried out an impact evaluation (2014-15). This was extremely complex, given the large amount of documentation, the many stakeholders to consult and the long time frame. The aim was to examine the overall impact of support to the sector, as well as typical evaluation issues such as effectiveness, efficiency and relevance, and to make recommendations regarding potential future support to the land sector.

Project details

Name of client Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Finland
Location Cambodia
Start date 09/2014
Completion date 03/2015
Origin of funding Ministry for Foreign Affairs
Name of partners -