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Mid Term Evaluation of the COWASH Project and Planning for the Future Finnish Support for Water Sector in Ethiopia

The CoWASH Project is a large Finnish supported water and sanitation development project working in 5 regions of Ethiopia with considerable regional government funding for investments. The Phases I and II from 2011 till June 2016 have had over 18 million € of Finnish funding and over 20 million € Ethiopian funding. The project has two components: 1. Strengthening capacity at federal level to implement community managed projects and supporting the establishment of OWNP and its implementation arrangements. 2. Establishing and strengthening the capacity at regional and local levels in the five selected regions to scale-up CMP implementation. The objective of the MTE was to assess the progress of the COWASH Project, its potential to achieve its targets, and based on the findings, to make recommendations for the remaining time of phase II of COWASH.

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Name of client Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland
Location Ethiopia
Start date 03/2015
Completion date 11/2015
Origin of funding Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland
Name of partners -