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Framework Programme For Poverty Alleviation In Urban Marginal Areas Of Lima And Callao

PROPOLI's objective was to contribute to poverty reduction through social and economic integration of the low-income population into development processes in 10 districts on the outskirts of Metropolitan Lima. The target group were those moving in and out of poverty, as well as the most vulnerable sectors (people with disabilities, child and adolescent workers, and teenage mothers). PROPOLI's strategy for fighting poverty and for sustainable development was based on the institutional strengthening of local governments, development of capacities among the target population and the generation of economic and employment opportunities. The institutional strengthening included the full involvement of NGOs and community based organizations, & was supported by a participatory approach involving actively committed and self-organised beneficiaries.

As lead consultant FCG had the overall responsibility for the contract management, recruitment of advisers and local staff, reporting and backstopping.

Project details

Name of client Ministry of Women's Issues and Social Development (MIMDES)/EC ALA
Location Peru
Start date 01/2003
Completion date 06/2008
Origin of funding European Commission/ALA
Name of partners AGRISTUDIO S.r.l.