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Mid-Term Review of Environment Management Support Programme (EMSP) in Lao PDR

The overall objective of EMSP (2010-) is to enhance MoNRE’s capacity to prevent unacceptable damage to the environment, environmental health and the livelihoods of people affected by large scale development projects and strategic plans, and to build institutional capacity in adaptation to climate change in Lao PDR. The purpose of the MTR was to provide an external, independent and objective view and assessment of the EMSP/MoNRE for further development of the programme during the remaining project period as well as to provide information and views for decision making on the possible second phase. The MTR gave key findings and recommendations for action and modifications in the programme/MoNRE set-up, objectives and implementation, especially related to the support to the restructuring of environmental governance sector in Lao PDR and strengthening of environmental management at the provincial level (e.g. environmental permitting process, human capacity, M&E). The MTR also assessed the how the crosscutting objectives, including e.g. inclusion of gender mainstreaming and support to the vulnerable groups, have been incorporated into objectives and activities of the programme/MoNRE.

Project details

Name of client Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland
Location Lao PDR
Start date 08/2012
Completion date 10/2012
Origin of funding Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland
Name of partners -