FCG's services combine a uniquely versatile competence in infrastructural and environmental engineering, community planning, training, human resources development and capacity building, development of public services and management consulting. We operate both in Finland and internationally.

FCG – Working for well-being

FCG is a multi-expertise company that provides services in infrastructure, environmental and urban design, in multidisciplinary training and in developing public services. The company’s clients represent a broad range of private and public sector organisations. FCG’s main owner is the Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities.

In addition to Finland, FCG also has extensive international operations and we operate worldwide. FCG has subsidiaries in Sweden, Estonia, Romania, Bulgaria and New Zealand. FCG’s international operations are mainly divided into two categories: local operations made by FCG’s subsidiaries in each country and international development consulting made by FCG’s home office in Finland, SIPU in Sweden and Anzdec in New Zealand. In its international business development, a new focus of FCG is in Western Balkan area, especially in Serbia and Montenegro, and in Turkey as well as in promoting Finnish Education Expertise. The share of international consulting is about 40 % of FCG’s turnover.

We also have close cooperation with our wide networks, like public authorities and development organisations, not to mention the Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities as a close partner and main owner.