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Administration and structures

Organisational structures define the powers and responsibilities of management and the sharing and organisation of work. A functioning management system promotes good governance and cooperation across organisational boundaries, and prevents the emergence of blind areas of responsibilities and conflicts. 

Clear management and organisational structures bring efficiency and enable management with their impact. Our experts consult on the assessment and reorganisation of municipal management systems and organisations. They have extensive practical knowledge of various urban management systems and organisational solutions. 

Our flexible team of experts always works in close cooperation with customers. 

Reforming municipal structures requires realistic determination of resources and opportunities, and rigorous management of the change process. FCG has a team of experts who have participated over the past several decades in more than 50 municipal surveys and specialist assignments, as well as regional projects in recent years.

Our services include 

  • Municipal management systems, evaluations, comparisons and development
  • Municipal structures, surveys and evaluations
  • Development of cooperation between municipalities 
  • Assessments of local government regional authorities

Our legal services include

  • Corporatisation and structural organisation
  • Handling of legal matters related to contracts, real estate and companies
  • Handling of matters related to neutrality and state support
  • Assistance in public projects
  • Public legislation and data protection legislation.

Municipal management systems, evaluations, comparisons and development

We provide support for evaluating and further developing municipal management systems. We have wide-ranging experience in municipal management systems and trends related to their changes. Consulting is organised according to each customer’s needs, and working methods are planned accordingly.

In addition to consultancy regarding structures, we offer support for the evaluation and development of the work of institutional bodies. The conditions for effective management can also be improved by strengthening the common understanding of practices such as interaction and communication. In a changing environment, the importance of networks and relationships with municipal inhabitants, for example, is highlighted.

Structures allow for effective management based on strategy.

FCG also provides support in applying municipal field experience to the work of institutions in which agreement is reached on common rules and practices. 

We offer specialist support in areas such as

  • Comparisons and surveys related to management systems and organisational structures
  • Institutional self-assessment surveys and consultations and training related to work development
  • Council agreements and house rules
  • Codes of conduct for public authorities and elected officials
  • Strategic management – forecasts and strategic governance as part of management by elected officials and office-holders
  • Effective dual management – cooperation between elected officials and office-holders
  • Assessment and development of management group work

Municipal structure surveys and assessments

Our experts consult on development and reorganisation of municipal structures. Reforming municipal structures requires realistic determination of resources and opportunities, and rigorous management of the change process.

We offer specialist support in areas such as

  • Analyses of the current situation and reports as part of municipal structure surveys
  • Surveys of municipal divisions and the related process support
  • Preparation of municipal merger agreements
  • Multi-level assessment of municipal mergers
  • Real-time assessment of structural change


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