The ARVOA methhode

The ARVOA method helps identify ability to function 

The ARVOA method helps social workers to identify the performance, burden and coping resources of the families they help.  In this way, the family can be directed to the services that can provide them with the most suitable support.   

After the evaluation, the worker immediately sees any changes in the need for family assistance. The information can be used as a basis for the service plan and for directing the family to the support services that are best for them.   

The ARVOA method works with a browser-based application, making it easy to use. The assessment is fast, because the customer can complete the form online. The worker immediately sees changes in family functioning and in the need for assistance.  

Help in service planning 

The method is used to display the performance of the customer family as an easily understood image from both the worker’s and the customer’s perspective. The data generated by the method can be used as a basis for the customer family service plan. 

The ARVOA method is used to generate reports at the customer, unit and organisational levels. The data can be used to monitor the effectiveness of services and to compare individual offices. It is also possible to implement a data-specific or regional cross-sectional study.  

The pricing of the ARVOA method is based on the municipality’s population base. The development of ARVOA was transferred from the Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities to FCG in the autumn of 2019.  

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