Evelina's internship experience at FCG Sweden


Monitoring and Evaluation Intern Autumn 2021

After five years of studying, I was excited to go into the real world and apply my hard-earned knowledge to actual – and real – projects. I was, however, also completely terrified – for what did I really know about development cooperation, other than what I’ve been taught by academics (who tend to view the world from a theoretical point-of-view)?

Knowing this, it might surprise you that I chose to conduct my internship at FCG Sweden – a company specialising in development consulting – as I simply had no idea or academic knowledge on what “development consulting” meant or entailed. However, not knowing kind of enthralled me, as it meant I probably (and hopefully) would learn something new.

So, let us fast-forward to August 2021 when I began my internship. I knew that I would be interning at the Monitoring and Evaluation department, and that they did exactly what their name said – i.e. evaluated and monitored development projects, which I found (and still find) to be an extremely important part of development interventions. I however did not know what the evaluation process looked like, or what development consulting meant. Nor had I any in-depth knowledge of procurement processes, which I knew were connected to it all somehow. After the introduction week, however, I began to understand, and today I can proudly say that: 1) I get it! And 2) I can work and find my way around this world proficiently.

Moreover, the Monitoring and Evaluation department is – compared to the other departments at the company – not confined to one thematic area. As such, the assignments I worked on had great variation: some focused on environmental issues or natural resource management, some on good governance, others on education or gender equality, and so on. This meant that I got great insight to current development projects; both in terms of contemporary themes, trends, and priorities – and due to my department, also their challenges and shortcomings. Additionally, seeing that different projects had been implemented and commissioned by different actors, I also got a great overview of key players in the development field. I was further given the opportunity to involve myself in assignments which thematic issues interested me on a personal level, and thus learn how such issues are being targeted practically. In other words, during my internship I learnt lots about the development sector that I could not have learnt at university.

Lastly – but not least – I had great, supportive colleagues as well as fellow interns who were very difficult not to like. To summarize it all, I can only say that I am very happy I chose to conduct my internship at FCG Sweden, even though I initially didn’t know what I was choosing.


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Junior Project Manager,

Evelina is a Junior Project Manager in the business area Monitoring and Evaluation. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Development Studies from Uppsala University, and are currently pursuing her Master’s Degree in Political Science at Uppsala University. As she is writing her master’s thesis this semester, she will be working part-time at FCG.

She has previously studied abroad at Fudan University in Shanghai and Aarhus University in Denmark, and has experience of volunteering in Tanzania as well as for human rights organisations. She is fluent in Swedish and English, intermediate in Spanish, and understands both Danish and Norwegian.