Hanna’s internship experience at FCG Sweden


My name is Hanna Pintson, and I am a Master's student in Development Studies at Lund University. During my studies, I was lucky to be part of the FCG Sweden internship program for five months, as it was an incredible learning opportunity in the nicest working environment. 

The internship began with a comprehensive introduction week, which to be frank, was very much appreciated. At the beginning of my internship, I did not entirely comprehend what development consulting entails and hence, what exactly FCG Sweden is working with. However, after a very well organized and intensive first week of introduction meetings, I understood that the company is: 

GGCS Swe team 2022
FCG Sweden Good Governance and Civil Society Team 2022
[Nathan, Pontus, Hanna, Amber, Yahye]


  • managing/ coordinating projects related to development cooperation
  • recruiting relevant experts for the projects
  • writing tenders for procurement offers from various development cooperation donors. 

These activities are mainly executed in three fields that FCG Sweden specializes in:

  • Good Governance and Civil Society
  • Natural Resources Management & Agriculture
  • Monitoring & Evaluation.



After the introduction week, I started to work in the Good Governance and Civil Society team. This meant that I worked closely with three very helpful, fun and experienced colleagues - Nathan, Yahye and Pontus. Due to their extensive knowledge in the field, I learned something new and exciting every day. For example, I gained insight into development cooperation field players (donors, experts, NGOs, other development companies), learned about tender writing processes, communicated with high-level experts and clients, gained project management skills, and met with people working in the field. In addition to gaining professional skills, I am glad that I could work with the nicest colleagues in my team and the whole company. I have had very insightful talks and had a great time during Fika breaks, lunches and after works.

The best thing was that, after my internship, I was offered a place to work at the company. Therefore, in addition to writing my master thesis during the last semester of my studies, I have started working part-time as a Junior Project Manager at FCG Sweden. 

I am happy and proud, that I found and managed to get an internship at FCG Sweden, as this experience has been highly rewarding and widened my professional and personal skills in every possible way. 

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Junior Project Manager,

Hanna is working at FCG Sweden, Good Governance and Civil Society Team,  as a junior project manager. She is on her final year of Master Studies Program in Development Studies at Lund University, before which she completed a Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations from Tallinn University of Technology and Charles University in Prague.

Hanna has worked at the Embassy of Canada to Estonia and gained experience from working with civil society at the European Solidarity Corps Program in Armenia, Gyumri city. In addition, she has conducted an internship at the Development Cooperation Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Estonia and volunteered for an international student-based consultancy company called 180 Degrees Consulting.

She is a native speaker of Estonian, fluent in English, and has proficiency in Russian. Currently, she is learning Swedish.