People Of FCG

Robert Bäckström
Senior Consultant/Project Manager
+46 70 979 7077

Robert is the Business Area Responsible for our work within Land Administration. He has more than 20 years experience in management of land administration and natural resource management projects. Much of his work, both academic and professional, has been devoted to development activities in land administration and land management assignments. This work has also included related thematic areas such as forestry, agriculture, water management, gender, community empowerment and capacity building. His competence covers programme and project coordination and management including planning, design, budgeting, accounting, financial reporting and internal auditing.  As project manager for several development programmes and projects in Europe, Asia and Africa he has provided backstopping to programme management where he fed ‘best practises’ of technical assistance into national development policies and regulations. He has been strongly involved in ensuring that development initiatives are targeted to the poorer sections of the communities.

Robert has strong experience in capacity building and has served as coordinator for several international rural and peri-urban land administration training programmes. His experience also includes academic institutional development initiatives to meet national demand of trained land administration professionals.  He has a M.Sc. in Land Administration and Natural Resources Management from Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan (Royal Institute of Technology) in Stockholm.