People Of FCG

Torbjörn Öckerman
Senior Consultant/Project Manager
+46 70 827 0806

Torbjörn is a Senior Consultant and Project Manager in the Natural Resources Management with over 30 years’ experience from rural development including as long term expert in Africa, Asia and Latin America. With over ten years of Team leader experience in complex multi-sectoral programmes he has developed institution and capacity building skills in the natural resource and rural production sectors, including central and local governments, civil society, private sector development, working for Sida, Danida, MFA Finland, European Union, the World Bank and NGOs. As short term expert, he has done numerous planning, evaluation, result capture and quality assurance assignments. 

He has long thematic experience from multi-sectoral approaches with poverty focus, including participatory natural resources management, market development, agriculture, water, environment, rural and market infrastructure. His skills also include decentralisation and devolution, sector reforms, policy and strategy development and setting up and implementing advanced integrated institutional monitoring systems. He has special fund management competence from rural development programmes, being an integrated element in all his long-term as well as in several short term assignments. 

Torbjörn holds an M.Sc. Agriculture and has full working knowledge of English, Spanish, Swahili and German and also manages Portuguese, French and Vietnamese.