INTRO is induction software for employees

Intro is designed to accelerate the transition of new employees to productive work and facilitate the work of those carrying out the inductions. Intro will ensure that all induction-related tasks are carried out on time. Intro is fully mobile-compatible, cloud-based software. This means you can access the software from anywhere and on any terminal device.

Intro enables:

  • A systematic approach
  • An individualised approach
  • Monitoring

With Intro, you can tailor an induction to suit the individual employee. You can create an Intro induction plan template by using your organisation’s own induction materials or Intro’s built-in orientation templates. With Intro, you can invite an induction team to ensure the new employee receives a multifaceted induction. Intro also makes it possible to track the progress of the induction process in real time, and will remind you if induction tasks are overdue or have been forgotten. In addition, induction materials will not go to waste – you will receive clear reports on the induction, and you can return to the induction plan as necessary.

With Intro, inductions are easy and transparent. Both the onboarding team and the inductee see their own induction plan and know what the process includes. You can try Intro for free and see how well it helps your organisation improve its induction practices. 

Getting off to a quick start with ready-to-use induction materials

Intro material bank provides ready-to-use induction material to help you design your induction to suit your own organisation or get off to a quick start. We have compiled a material bank with readymade induction plans for different industries and tasks, as well as other useful material for inductions. Check out the ready-to-use material and start an induction process for a new employee as soon as you like.

Readymade materials in Finnish