Kuntarekry nainen

Kuntarekry is a recruitment channel for the municipal sector

Kuntarekry is the only comprehensive service developed and tailored for the municipal sector in collaboration with the Association of Finnish Municipalities. Kuntarekry offers employers recruitment software and professional services. For jobseekers, the Kuntarekry.fi service offers thousands of job vacancies throughout the country and easy electronic tools to find jobs, substitute positions and casual work.

Kuntarekry provides a comprehensive recruitment service

The Kuntarekry tools are suitable for external and internal recruitment of the organisation and for the management of short-term substitute positions. In addition to job vacancies, Kuntarekry.fi also publishes information on the municipal sector and job assignments and provides guidance on jobseeking.

In 2019, more than 33,000 recruitments were handled by Kuntarekry, and 175,400 substitute needs were met. 


  • Multi-faceted and cost-effective recruitment software developed for the specific needs of the public sector 
  • A skills database with more than 700,000 registered jobseekers and tens of thousands of professionals qualified to work in different fields
  • Versatile tools for the various phases of recruiting, such as recruitment marketing and video interviews, anonymous recruitment and induction
  • Cost-effective and fast management of substitute positions: more than 50% of substitute positions advertised in Kuntarekry are filled in less than five minutes
  • Expert and fast customer support service and user support in Finnish and Swedish
  • Customer webinars and opportunities to develop recruitment skills
  • A safe user environment, as Kuntarekry is reliable Finnish software as a service with more than 99 percent availability
  • The Kuntarekry.fi site, a marketing channel for municipality-sector jobs with more than 2.5 million visitors annually
  • Visibility in social media channels, as Kuntarekry reaches over 100,000 people on social media every week
  • Visibility at dozens of different recruitment events throughout Finland  

For jobseekers, the service provides tools for profile maintenance and an availability calendar. In the availability calendar, the substitute worker can conveniently mark the days when they are not available for substitutions. In this way, the employer’s targeted substitute messages will reach the right substitutes.

Kuntarekry.fi website

The Kuntarekry.fi website of the Kuntarekry recruitment system has established itself as a recruitment channel for municipalities. The site receives more than 2.5 million visitors annually, with more than 3,000 open positions at any one time. More than 700,000 jobseekers have registered with the service. In addition to job vacancies, we present the municipal sector, guide jobseekers in the use of Kuntarekry, and publish articles on employment and jobseeking.

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