FCG Bulgaria

FCG Bulgaria is a company with a history of more than 30 years in environmental and management consulting. Established in 1989 in Bulgaria as the first private consultancy in the field of nature protection and environmentally sound infrastructure development, the company continues to provide sustainability in the ever-changing environment.

History of the unit, basic facts, main areas of activity

The company history spans for more than 30 years. It was originally established in 1989 under the name of POVVIK. Initially the company provided consulting and design services exclusively in the field of water supply and wastewater treatment. Through the years FCG Bulgaria expanded the range of its portfolio, including assessments of environmental and social impacts of investment projects; strategic environmental assessments of plans and programs; audits and due diligences; field surveys; appropriate assessments; collection, processing and analysis of geospatial data in geographic information systems (GIS); Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC) permits and other permits related to environmental protection. Since Bulgaria’s accession to the EU, POVVIK has sought to further expand its reach regionally and within the European Community. Thus, in December 2008 POVVIK joined the family of the Scandinavian Finnish Consulting Group (FCG), which is a leading consulting and engineering group of companies in the field of environmental management, institutional capacity building, design and supervision. In 2017 POVVIK changed its name to FCG Bulgaria.

Nowadays, FCG Bulgaria is a leading independent consulting company in the field of ecology and environmental protection, engineering, technical, natural science, social and economic aspects of sustainable development. FCG Bulgaria offers the full range of environmental consulting and engineering services for all types of industry and business, and expertise on environmental and economic analyses to local and state government. FCG Bulgaria is actively engaged in numerous projects funded by international financing institutions such as the European Bank for Reconstruction and development (EBRD), the World Bank, and the European Union programs. The company has proved itself as a loyal, trusted and transparent partner to all its clients.

Our work

The projects developed by us are assigned by clients operating in various industrial sectors. We offer services for representatives of both the private and the public sectors. 

Working with us

If you are interested in our projects and services and you would like to become part of our team, you could send your CV to us.


Our team

Our team comprises of highly qualified experts in the fields of ecology, environmental protection, technical engineering, natural science, and socio-economic aspects of sustainable development.

Get in contact with us and ask more

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Our team works in several main departments: Environmental Assessments, EIA, Waste Management; Environmental audits; IPPC; Environmental Projects and Proposals; Administrative.