FCG Bulgaria - Our work

FCG Bulgaria is the first company and one of the biggest Bulgarian consulting companies providing services in the field of environmental protection. We help our clients to achieve compliance of their activities with the continuously increasing requirements and standards for environmental protection.


With our help a number of the biggest companies in Bulgaria continue their operations and successfully implement their plans for development and expansion of their business. We have supported a number of foreign investors in making the most difficult steps in their establishing on Bulgarian market and working with the institutions.

The projects developed by FCG Bulgaria are assigned by clients operating in various industrial sectors. We offer services for representatives of both the private and the public sectors. We usually develop integral projects, including expert assessments of the environmental components and factors, programs of measures for improving the ambient and social environment in the project impact area, implementation, management and monitoring plans, documentation for issuing of permits required under the environmental legislation (such as construction, operation, plant extension, capacity upgrade, etc.).

ESIA for South Stream Offshore Pipeline

ESIA for South Stream Offshore Pipeline – Bulgarian Section 2012 – 2014

The South stream offshore pipeline component was designed as the offshore component of the South stream Pipeline system that will deliver natural gas from Russia to the countries of Central and South-Eastern Europe. The system was designed to extend more than 2 300 km, with offshore pipelines extending approximately 230 km across the Black Sea from the Russian coast through Turkish Economic Exclusive Zone to the Bulgarian zone near Varna. FCG Bulgaria delivered the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) for the Bulgarian section, including Appropriate Assessment as regards NATURA 2000 sites onshore, as well as the overall stakeholder engagement activities and plans following the requirements of the International financial institutions.


Marine mammals observation during 2D and 3D seismic off-shore surveys 2016 - 2017

Marine Mammal Observation (MMO) was carried out for the Balkanide seismic off-shore surveys for oil and gas in the Black Sea within Bulgaria’s exclusive economic area.
MMO included dedicated visual watches for marine mammal presence during daylight hours to ensure that appropriate mitigating actions are taken to prevent or minimize the risk of injury and disturbance of marine mammals in the course of seismic survey operations. MMO was carried out in line with JNCC and ACCOBAMS guidelines.


Expansion of the gas transmission infrastructure of Bulgartransgaz EAD parallel to the north (main) gas pipeline to the Bulgarian-Serbian border 2019-2021

The gas pipeline extension project is an infrastructural expansion of the existing gas pipeline network coming from Turkey. The implementation of the project aims to ensure energy safety and security of Bulgaria as well as its economic stability. The length of the transmission gas pipeline from the starting point PS and BVS Zlatina to the point of intersection of the Bulgarian-Serbian border is approximately 474.732 km. In the frame of this assignment FCG Bulgaria provides environmental services and monitors the implementation of the measures form EIA decision. Main consulting services provided by FCG Bulgaria are: Preparation of plans and permits required by the national legislation for opening construction sites (Construction Waste Management Plans, Health and Safety Plans, Transport Schedules and others); Regular reporting for the implementation of the EIA measures to the authorities; Management of physical environmental factors and components: air, water, waste, noise; Biodiversity management and rescue translocations; On-going site monitoring during construction, Post-construction implementation of biodiversity restoration measures and bio-reinstatement pof partially damaged natural habitats