FCG in Finland

We are a Finnish-owned, internationally operating consultancy and training company founded in 1949. Our customers include Finnish towns and municipal federations, private companies, and international financiers for our development consultancy business. We meet with more than 27,000 professionals every year at our training courses and other events. Our vision is to be the most responsible and largest Finnish-owned consulting company, and a highly attractive development partner. 

FCG is a strong company, which is rooted in the reconstruction of the Finnish society and extensive experience in international development around the globe. FCG provides its customers with consultation, training, multi-field infrastructural, environmental and urban design and software business services both domestically and abroad.

FCG’s strength is based on extensive, continuously evolving expertise and the ability to operate in and adapt to a constantly changing environment, as well as competent personnel, who operate according to FCG’s core values and ethical principles. It is essential, now and in the future, that FCG’s operations observe goals set for the advancement of sustainable development.

FCG is owned by the Association of Finnish Municipalities.