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FCG Finland develops responsible, sustainable and innovative solutions for and together with our customers and partners in developing countries and emerging economies.  We specialise in advancing quality of life, economic and sustainable development and human rights around the world.

Examples of our current long-term assignments


Third Greater Mekong Subregion Corridor Towns Development Project will improve the urban infrastructure and services and strengthen urban management capacities to develop the towns of Mawlamyine in Mon State, Hpa-An and Myawaddy in Kayin State. For urban infrastructure development, improving water supply and solid waste management are identified as the priorities to address the urgent needs of the project towns. 

The expected impact of project aligns with the National Comprehensive Development Plan of Myanmar and will significantly contribute to the increase in economic activities along the Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS) East West Economic Corridor (EWEC). 

The development of sustainable cities and reduction of pollution and environmental degradation are included in the policy measures to achieve the government’s overarching goals toward inclusive and sustainable economic development. Financing of the project activities will be through a loan of US$80 million from the Asian Development Bank.

FCG offices in Finland and Singapore, in a joint venture with SAFEGE and in association with Suntac Technologies Co., Ltd, is providing the technical assistance and capacity development services to support the Ministry of Construction in Myanmar and Mon and Kayin State Governments in the successful implementation of the 6-year urban development project. Project Implementation Support Consultant – team is advising and supporting the project management unit and project implementation units in:

  • Overall project implementation support, including conducting capacity development activities
  • Review of works contractor's detailed engineering design for the design & build contracts for the larger infrastructure and preparation of detailed design for small works contracts
  • Construction supervision, and contract management of the works contracts;
  • Support the implementing agencies on the construction sites to monitor, inspect, check, verify, review, test, certify, and report compliance with the requirements of the project, as well as supervise the commissioning and turn-over phases of the project.

The project is implemented following the relevant ADB and the government guidelines and building on the prior similar experience of consortium companies and experienced team members.

The project will improve waste management. Picture: Petra Rautavuoma.


FORVAC strives to increase economic, social and environmental benefits from forests and woodlands for local communities and the whole society, whilst tackling deforestation. By working closely with local communities and enterprises, FORVAC focuses on sustainable forest value chain development based on production of timber, charcoal and non-wood forest products, thus inducing growth in the local economy and fostering local ownership of forests. 

The Programme also supports government institutions in developing their legal and policy framework to improve forest governance and promote sustainable forest resources management.

The 330,000 beneficiaries range from individuals and communities in project nine districts, in areas allocated to local communities, and from traders to private companies in the vast regions of Tanga, Lindi and Ruvuma.

Forestry and Value Chains Development (FORVAC) is a 4-year programme (July 2018 – June 2022) funded by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland (MFA Finland) and implemented under the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism of Tanzania.

Participatory Forest Resources Assesment
Participatory Forest Resources Assessment in Lindi Region (FORVAC 2020). Picture: Eustack Bonifasi, FORVAC Lindi Cluster Coordinator


The Ukrainian school reform, one of the local government’s priority reforms, aims at modernizing general secondary education towards competencies needed for the 21st century. The 4-year project is funded by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland with delegated funding from the EU. Finland collaborates with the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine in preparing ca. 90,000 teachers at grades 1-4 for new standards.

The project focuses on training of teacher trainers, training material preparation, awareness raising of the school reform, and upgrading of textbooks and e-learning tools.

In-service and pre-service teacher preparation is enriched by Finnish experience with world-class learning achievements. The reform of the national teacher professional development system is supported by introducing diverse modern approaches and programmes based on European experience. The EU-support is targeted to improving the instruction of Ukrainian language as a state language. FCG International is implementing the project in partnership with the University of Helsinki. 

A ukrainian school girl. Picture: XXXXXXXX
A Ukrainian school girl in Balabyno village. Picture Irina Arzmastseva


Header picture: William Matthews 


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