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FCG Germany - Our work

FCG Germany’s services cover the whole spectrum of economic development and assistance is provided to both private companies and governmental institutions at central, regional and local levels. 

The fields of expertise include institutional strengthening and capacity building, SME business support, innovation and support to start-ups, SME finance institutions development, privatization and regulatory advice, business restructuring and promotion, trade, investment and export promotion, IPR, regional development, agricultural and rural development, and regulatory policy reform. 


Here are a few examples of our work:


Namibia – Technical Assistance for the implementation of the Institutional Capacity Development Programme in support to the Ministry of Finance and Office of the Auditor General

One of the recent flagship projects implemented by FCG Germany in 2015-2018 was an EU funded programme in Namibia aimed at strengthening capacities within the Ministry of Finance and the Office of the Auditor General.  Revenue, expenditure and control management functions had been drastically improved to ensure the quality of expenditure and strive for value for money, transparent accounting and financial reporting, enhanced expenditure control and accountability.

Directorates and departments’ capacity were considerably increased in three result areas: effective macro-economic, budget and public expenditure analysis, strengthened revenue management functions and reinforced control management functions.

With 52 activities fully implemented in successful partnership with key beneficiaries, FCG Germany’s experts truly managed to increase the impact and transfer of skills in a practical and hands-on environment.  We were heartened that our partners in Namibia recognized the need to embark on a course of continuous and sustainable reforms designed to yield high-quality, efficient, accountable and transparent management of public finances.  

Windhoek, Namibia


Tunisia – Project to Support the Research and Innovation System in Tunisia (PASRI)

One of FCG Germany’s core specialisation areas since early 1990's has been Private Sector Development, where the 4,4 million euros PASRI project in Tunisia implemented in 2012-2018 especially targeted Innovation and Research in order to increase the contribution of the Tunisian Research and Innovation system to economic growth and job creation. This was achieved by reinforcing the links among the various laboratories, research centres, higher education incl. graduate, PhD and TVET schools and the industry, as well as by supporting technological transfer and economic value creation by knowledge and research results. 

The Governance component of the project, reinforcing the mechanisms of the National Innovation System, delivered substantial visibility outputs, such as new communication strategies, annual National Innovation Days, new web portal, numerous events and seminars, reinforcing existing synergies between research and innovation.

The Interfacing component developed project cooperation targeted to sector priorities and the companies’ needs. Among the innovative activities promoted by PASRI were trainings for at least 200 participants within the fields of intellectual and industrial property rights, marketing of innovative products, evaluation of technological and investment risks, financing of innovation, organization of 90 traineeships and study tours i.a. to Europe’s respective interface structures, support to the establishment of Offices for Technological Transfer, and more. 
Within the Networking component Tunisia’s capacity to integrate into European research programmes received a strong reinforcement. Overall, PASRI’s impact on the national innovation system, industrial dynamics and general economic development of Tunisia has been highly recognized in the country and outside of its boarders.  

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Framework contract services for the implementation of external aid (SIEA) 2018 

European Union’s Framework Contracts provide technical assistance and support to the European Commission and European Union Delegations worldwide for the preparation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the EU funded projects in their country. With the latest Contract running until 2022, FCG Germany has shown an excellent track record of managing EU Framework Contracts since 2006.   

FCG Germany is Consortium Leader or Associated Partner on a number of EU Framework Contracts dedicated to Budget Support, Innovative Financing for Development, Infrastructure, Sustainable Growth and Jobs (SIEA 2018 LOT2, LOT5 and LOT6).

Each lot provides expertise in specific fields and mainly consists of the tasks such as evaluations (e.g. mid-term, final and ex-post, impact evaluations, including of budget support programmes), analytical studies (e.g. feasibility studies, institutional/stakeholder analysis, political and economic analysis, strategic environmental assessments, logical framework approach,  economic analysis, data collection and analysis, performance measurement and indicators, monitoring and evaluation systems), policy-related analysis and design, technical inputs and advice on EU programs (e.g. Joint Programming), public financial management and domestic revenue mobilization, capacity building  and institutional strengthening, training and research.
With our extensive pool of internal and external expert resources as well as our rapid and efficient request response routine and know how, FCG Germany has been able to win assignments in more than 50  countries worldwide, including Francophone Africa and Eastern Europe. 

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