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FCG Kenya is part of FCG Swedish Development AB, which forms part of the Finnish Consulting Group’s global network. During its long presence in Kenya, FCG Kenya has been able to build and maintain an active network of all the actors in the region including donors, government actors, consulting service providers, civil society organizations and academia.

FCG Kenya is a development consultancy company with a focus on Integrated Water Resource Management, Water Supply, Sanitation and Hygiene, Environmental Management and Climate Change, Sustainable agriculture, Value Chain, Irrigation and Food Security, Sector Reform, Institutional Development, Governance and Capacity Building, Sustainable Forestry, Fund Management and Documentation of Lessons Learnt and Best Practices.

FCG Kenya was established in 2009 to link the existing strong national talent and capabilities with international experience where necessary, in addressing Kenya’s development challenges.  FCG Kenya’s potential was recognized when supporting the five year Water and Sanitation Programme jointly financed by Sida and Danida. During this period, over 720 person months of technical assistance in support of the water sector reforms were supplied, and 11 new water sector parastatals were established. Majority of the expertise was provided through Kenya professionals, reinforcing FCG Kenya’s appreciation of the value and quality of the Kenyan consulting base. FCG Sweden was therefore determined to establish FCG Kenya, with a view to utilizing and expanding the utilization of Kenyan experts both within Kenya and globally.

During its long presence in Kenya, FCG Kenya has built up an active network with donors, government actors, consulting service providers, civil society organizations and academia and is highly familiar with the overall development trends and priorities, sector legislation, the far reaching sector reforms and the workings of the government system at central and local levels.

FCG Kenya acknowledges Nairobi’s position as a regional hub and maintains regular contact with local representations of various partners and clients, and monitors developments in the regional NRM, forestry, agriculture and water sector programmes. As the region expands and grows, competition with other service providers will keep us sharply focused on the goal of creating the most value for services.

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FCG Kenya is part of FCG Sweden and has over 40 years of expertise in international development consulting. We deliver a wide range of services.

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Real change takes time. We may work in a region for years, decades even, and each project enriches our understanding and prepares us better for the next situation.

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FCG Kenya delivers a wide range of services. Get to know our team and specialists.