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FCG New Zealand’s services cover the whole project cycle – from concept creation to project design, and from implementation to evaluation. We have an established reputation for excellence in the delivery of loan, grant, and technical assistance projects for a variety of international clients.

Our expertise covers the following sectors:

  • Agriculture
  • Coastal and Marine Management
  • Water Resources Management
  • Climate Resilience and Environmental Sustainability
  • Disaster Resilience

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Agriculture sector modernization project in Sri Lanka

Agriculture has been the mainstay of FCG New Zealand’s operations since its formation and we pride our skill to integrate modern knowledge and innovations to traditional lifestyle in order to improve the livelihoods of communities in Asia and the Pacific. We are currently delivering Agriculture Sector Modernization Project in Sri Lanka, with objective to increase agriculture productivity, improve market access, enhance value addition of smallholder farmers and agribusiness in the project areas.

The project will support farmers to develop professional producer associations, achieve economies of scale in production and exports, improve marketing and value addition and achieve greater efficiency in the provision of technical and support services.

Our specific tasks include: Conducting feasibility study in order to identify commodity clusters; Developing Cluster Development Plans for each Agriculture Technology Demonstration Park; Mobilizing smallholder farmers to form farmer producer organisations; Building the capacity of farmer producer organisations in business and technical areas; Identifying and implementing innovative technologies that will help smallholder farmers to enhance productivity, diversification, commercialisation and implement sustainable and climate resilient production models; Facilitating farmer producer organisations market linkages with buyers and inputs suppliers; and Design market information system to create strong data base of buyers and marketing information in the FPOs.

Agriculture sector modernization project in Sri Lanka

Sustainable and climate resilient coastal protection assignments in India

In the coastal and marine resources management field, our experience includes development and implementation of integrated coastal management plans, community-based management of marine protected areas, policy and strategy development and institutional strengthening, capacity building, and reinforcing linkages between management of the coastal zone and other aspects of the ecosystem.

FCG New Zealand has been a pioneer in coastal management in India through several large Asian Development Bank funded projects. 

For instance in Karnataka, we are currently working to address the immediate coastal protection needs and coastal instability using environmentally and socially appropriate solutions, with a focus on artificial reefs, beach nourishments, and dune management in the state of Karnataka.

To complement this, our team carried out technical assistance to incorporate and mainstream measures for coastal climate change adaptation in the programme, in the states of Karnataka and Maharashtra. Moreover, we provided climate change-related evidence and guidelines for future coastal protection and management initiatives in India. This was achieved by developing and facilitating endorsement of Climate Change Adaptation Guidelines for Coastal Protection and Management in India; implementation of selected pilot community coastal protection subprojects with integrated climate change adaptation measures; and capacity building and training measures.

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Disaster and climate resilience at the core of our services in Asia and the Pacific Region

We recognise that risks from climate change and impacts caused by natural disasters are some of the most pressing issues facing many countries today. The impacts of climate variability and related extreme events threaten to push many institutions and communities beyond their coping range. Supporting countries to enhance disaster risk management and adapt to risks from global climate change has therefore become our strategic focus. Pacific Region is particularly exposed and vulnerable to climate change.

FCG New Zealand carried out a programme evaluation and design assignment covering 15 Pacific Island Nations to assess the disaster management and climate change funded initiatives in the region. 

The purpose of the programme was to strengthen the capacity of Pacific Island Nations to address existing and emerging challenges concerning the risks posed by natural hazards and related disasters while maximising synergies between disaster risk reduction strategies and climate change adaptation.

FCG New Zealand assessed the programme’s achievements, quality and results of actions in the context of evolving regional and national policies. The evaluative research served accountability, decision making, and learning and management purpose. Moreover, the team elaborated on a concept proposal development by producing draft country-level plans to feed into a wider design process led by SPC.

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Delivering seamless integration of safeguard measures into the project cycle in the Pacific

FCG New Zealand draws on its extensive global experience of designing and implementing safeguard instruments for the benefit of our clients. Our goal is to deliver seamless integration of safeguard measures into the project cycle so that our clients can achieve environmentally responsible and socially inclusive results.  We have dedicated in-house environmental and social (including gender) experts, complemented by a close network of relied associates, who work closely with governments across Asia and the Pacific Region.

FCG New Zealand works in several Pacific Islands nations carrying out safeguarding work for the local governments. 

With World Bank funding in Tuvalu, we are updating the environmental and social impact assessment and environmental and social management plan and produce an abbreviated resettlement action plan for the construction of a small boat harbour in one of the outer islands. In Vanuatu, the assignment involved undertaking an environmental impact assessment and designing and environmental management plan for 66 km road upgrade project. Furthermore, bid documentation was reviewed to integrate safeguard requirements and capacity building with the project management unit was undertaken.

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