Public institutions are the key to unlocking social and economic development and building sustainable futures. Yet in many contexts, there has been little investment in the people and systems on which good governance depends. We have many years’ experience of supporting public sector reforms, locally and nationally, to strengthen policies and improve the delivery of public services.

Our roots within the Nordic public sector give us a unique perspective on public sector reforms. In Nordic countries, we enjoy a high degree of transparency, equality, decentralisation, and high-quality public services. As a company, we take the best and most relevant parts from our lived experience in Nordic and our work experience around the world. Strategic, conceptual and practical experience in supporting public sector reforms in a range of countries has given us unrivalled knowledge of what works and in which contexts. We also have a professional  network of leading experts in governance reforms.

Public Administration Reform

Concrete steps towards better governance

We recognise that reforming public administration systems is a long-term endeavour with many challenges. To achieve sustainable results, the process is just as important as the result. We work with governments and other stakeholders to provide high-quality public services that are efficient, effective and accountable. We help build solutions that work in the real world, based on principles of transparency and equality.

We aim to be the partner that governments turn to first when they need expertise and evidence-based support for their reform journey. We have the right people to handle complex, long-term processes, and have access to a network of leading governance experts who know how to give the support that makes sustainable change happen.

What we do

  • We work with partners to strengthen their capacity in public administration, public policy, negotiations skills and gender analysis.
  • We support international actors to design and implement flexible and adaptive programming in their support to public sector reforms.
  • We help conduct reviews of existing policy and legal frameworks and propose recommendations for improvements based on international experiences.
  • We support implementation of newly adopted laws and enhancement of law enforcement procedures.
  • We support the design and rollout of reforms in e-government and public service delivery.
  • We help design and deliver on-the-job training programmes to civil servants, focusing on quality management, change management, strategic planning, leadership and coordination, fund management, project management, developing project proposals, designing robust monitoring and evaluation systems, and reporting.


Public Financial Management

Making better use of public resources

Public financial management (PFM) is about increasing a government’s capacity to provide basic services to its citizens – to build the hospitals, schools and roads that give a better quality of life. Improving the way public finances are managed means developing better systems, more capable organisations and more transparency in how public money is spent. PFM is also a means to enhance aid effectiveness, strengthening external control and accountability for donor-funded projects.

We have a clear understanding of the relationships between political and institutional processes and policy reform, as well as the links between policies, budget and expenditure management, and how to drive institutional and organisational change.

What we do

  • We provide expert advice through all aspects of the budget and programme cycle.
  • We offer budget and value-for-money analysis, advising on establishing external and internal budget controls.
  • We provide training to civil servants on effective public financial management.
  • We support external audit organisations to strengthen their ability for effective oversight.
  • We offer advice on the sequencing and implementation of PFM reforms, including the rollout of Financial Management Information Systems (FMIS).
  • We provide support to strengthen statistical systems.
  • We help donor agencies to assess and manage fiduciary risks.
  • We provide advice on anti-corruption and transparency measures.
  • We support parliaments to strengthen their public finance oversight functions.
  • We work with partners to set up more effective coordination mechanisms for donors, developing joint frameworks for expenditure management, risk assessments, results frameworks, and monitoring and evaluation.


Local Government and Decentralisation

Facilitating local government reform

Local government is key to providing quality public services and enhancing democracy, ensuring that citizens’ voices and needs are taken into account. In many countries, moves towards decentralisation have presented opportunities as well as challenges. Our origins as a public sector training agency for local and central government civil servants give us a unique advantage in helping partners to maximise those opportunities and address the main challenges.

What we do

  • We support government partners at national, regional and local levels to design and implement decentralisation reforms.
  • We provide programmes to build the capacity of elected officials and other staff so that they can deliver more efficient and responsive local services.
  • We work with partners to establish mechanisms to give citizens a greater say in how local services are run and managed.
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