Service provisions are changing rapidly. New approaches and management models are needed. Only with reliable information is it possible to make decisions that best benefit the customer and the organisation. 

We help social care and healthcare actors to cope with structural change and prepare for the future. We carefully assess the current status of your organisation. We make create development proposals. We work with you as the well-planned changes are put into practice. 

We provide personalised consultancy for management in the social and health care sector

Our specialists are experts in everyday work and in leadership. It is a matter of honour for us that the solutions we propose bring significant benefits and are implemented smoothly.  

We support quality and process development and management. Our starting point is always cost-effective operations. Our services are divided into five areas in line with the Balanced Scorecards framework.  

Customer analyses: performance assessment, auditing of management and service plans, development of service guidance and development of digital services.  

  • Process analyses: developing management chains in line with the Lean principle, standardising criteria and operating models  
  • Personnel analyses: development of individuals and the work community, wellbeing at work, and occupational health and safety  
  • Economic analyses: assessment of cost-effectiveness, financial risk and compensation level and productivity analyses  
  • Management and change management support: strategies, auditing, quality management, monitoring, self-monitoring and self-assessment services

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