The Rafaela® care intensity classification provides information on the patient’s actual treatment and supports the resourcing of nursing. It provides an indication of the work carried out in the unit in relation to the number of care personnel. The system can be used to target the work of care personnel work to meet patient care needs.     

The quality, productivity and cost of care processes are analysed. Information is needed for unit level resourcing, organisational strategic planning and daily management. The health classification data supports the assessment and development of the working methods of the multidisciplinary work community. 

The Rafaela ® classification system provides the information needed to manage care work and care personnel. The information recorded for the actual treatment is used in the management of nursing and the preparation of joint operating processes. Increased focus on patients and transparency.  

The right number of nurses at the right time and in the right place. 

The optimum load level of the unit, combined with the care intensity/nurse indicator, indicates the optimum resourcing. Suitable workloads ensure good care and patient safety. Personnel wellbeing is ensured and can cope at work and function safely. 

 Making care work visible 

The Rafaela ® system makes the work of caregivers visible – both to themselves and to others. Nurses participate in the decision-making process by assessing both their own work and the treatment needed and received by patients. The regular and long-term use of the system supports the professional development of caregivers, creates a foundation for collegiality and is a self-management tool for caregivers. 

Benefits of a care intensity categorisation system 

  • Improves the focus on patients and the quality of care work  
  • Improves patient safety 
  • Makes care work visible and assessable 
  • Provides comparative information on patient care within the organisation and among organisations 
  • Enables caregivers to analyse their own work and discuss the content of their work 
  • Promotes the wellbeing and coping of care personnel 
  • Provide justification for defining and targeting human resources. 
  • Enables work load balancing at the organisational level 
  • Facilitates the commitment of care personnel to changes 
  • Harmonises the management of care work 
  •  Common models and terminology support discussion of the content of care work  

The Rafaela ® system is owned by the Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities. FCG is responsible for the maintenance and development of the system.    

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