Poverty and unemployment are often fuelled by an under-developed economy. We support market-based inclusive growth that creates decent employment and reduces poverty in developing countries.

We have more than 40 years’ experience of implementing development initiatives and facilitating economic growth and social progress. We work to strengthen markets and promote inclusive business by identifying the underlying constraints facing poor and disadvantaged households. We have a deep understanding of the functioning of relevant market systems, combined with extensive experience from local contexts. This means we are uniquely placed to assist in identifying structural root causes that limit the participation of poor people in markets, and to develop strategic frameworks to address obstacles and fundamental operational and strategic issues.

What we do

  • We support the development of locally appropriate strategic frameworks for incentives, roles, structures and mechanisms, and work with the private sector to develop products, services and business models that can contribute to sustainable poverty reduction.
  • We support market-driven approaches, particularly around developing agricultural and natural resource value chains.
  • We offer advice and support to companies looking to adapt their business practices to benefit pro-poor development, and facilitate stakeholder forums for specific value chains.
  • We build the capacity of service providers in production, post-harvest handling, product marketing, and identifying and securing trade linkages along selected value chains. We promote awareness of and adherence to international quality standards as a means to facilitate export.
  • We support initiatives to increase access to finance, employment and income diversification, and promote the development of existing and new market channels.
  • We support the development of innovative financing mechanisms, including guarantee mechanisms, to attract private financing of developmental initiatives.