Our mission is working for wellbeing. We work towards this goal every day. We want to make everyday life better and easier and develop communities.  Our vision is to become the most responsible and largest Finnish-owned consultancy company and the most attractive development partner. 

FCG Group’s values are defined in workshops with our employees. Our values are enacted through virtues that describe our culture and the way we operate. 


  • I exceed customers’ expectations. 
  • I help my colleagues. 


  • I know the customer. 
  • I develop my personal skills and the company across sectors. 


  • I develop responsible solutions in my work. 

Our strategy for the period 2020–2023  

In our strategy we have defined the key areas we will invest resources in during the 2020–2023 strategic period.  

  • Customer experience, trust and reputation are second to none. 
  • FCG is the most desirable workplace in the industry—we provide a pleasant working environment that fosters personal development. 
  • We are a pioneer in our service offering and are constantly renewing ourselves. 
  • Responsibility is part of everything we do. 
  • Our business grows profitably. 
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