FCG New Zealand is proud to announce completion of our work on a climate change adaptation project in Karnataka, India. This large-scale coastal protection project—Sustainable Coastal Protection and Management Investment Program: Karnataka: Tranche 2—involved developing protections for 29 km of Karnataka’s coastline on the Arabian sea. The project will safeguard the lives and livelihoods of climate-vulnerable coastal communities in the years to come.

In recent years, coastal communities along many parts of India’s west coast have been suffering from the impacts of coastal erosion brought on by climate change and poor coastal management strategies in the past. Impacts have involved salt-water inundation of farmland, damage to roads, and even destruction of community members’ homes. Community members were losing their means to support themselves, and it was clear that action needed to be taken.

Karantaka coastal protection project in India

Coastal erosion has caused damage to homes on Karnataka's coast (Credit: SCPMIP Project Team)

Now, thanks to FCG New Zealand, Asian Development Bank, and the Government of Karnataka, a variety of coastal protection initiatives have been—and continue to be—developed to halt erosion and to rebuild the beaches on which coastal and fishing communities rely. Now these coastal communities can again be hopeful about the future.

FCG New Zealand’s role in the project was to provide project management services for the duration of an ADB loan to the Government of Karnataka, directing the roll-out of infrastructure and other innovations to protect 29 km of coastline to the south f the city of Ullal. While the project involved traditional infrastructural approaches to coastal erosion control, such as construction of beach groynes and offshore artificial reefs, softer, community-based methods were also employed.

Karnantaka coastal protection project in India

Developing beach protection infrastructure (Credit: SCPMIP Project Team)

FCG was especially excited to manage the development of community-run, green coastal protection programmes in two villages—including community-driven nursery development and dune plantings along beaches. These programmes involved local women and other community members and allowed communities to develop a sense of ownership of the coastal protection work being undertaken.

Karantaka coastal protection project in India

Community members and officials following a coastal erosion awareness meeting (Credit: SCPMIP Project Team)

Local community livelihoods have been strengthened and safeguarded for the future thanks to this project, and FCG New Zealand looks forward to working with Asian Development Bank in future to help more vulnerable communities throughout the Asia–Pacific region.