UNESCO World Teachers' Day is celebrated annually on 5th October. World Teachers´ Day aims to remind us of the importance of teaching and educational work in a changing world.

Globaalit haasteet

Education systems around the world are not directly comparable. There are so many differences in how school systems are organized, learning environments, school equipment, teacher training and the prestige of the teaching profession. The common denominators are psychological factors. One of these is the interactive nature of the process between learner and teacher, learning materials, other learners and other people.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and the drastic challenges it has set on schools’ learning environments and the way they work throughout the world, there is a single question all of us, regardless of our existing situation, must answer. How can we nourish and reinforce interaction in times like these? On the one hand, this crisis emphasizes the role of teachers and the importance of their skills. However, on the other hand, it highlights how essential further teacher training is in gaining new skills and tools so teachers can support learning with interactive methods. After all, teachers play a crucial role in furthering both learning and interaction.

Education often arises as a key area in our cooperation projects with developing countries and transition economies. For example, we may be tasked with raising teaching quality nationwide by developing learning environments, learning materials, pedagogy or teacher training. A good example of this is the New Ukrainian School reform, scheduled to run into 2022. We are implementing the project in partnership with the University of Helsinki.