FCG has signed a contract with the Asian Development Bank  (ADB) for Preparing the Punjab Agriculture Markets Development Project – Feasibility and Project Design Study, an EUR 0.5 million project.

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The core problem addressed by the project is the inefficiency of wholesale agricultural markets in Punjab. There is a lack of institutional support for quality standards and compliance, and operations are inefficient. The physical markets in Punjab are old, congested and unsanitary. 

Through the project, FCG facilitates the modernization of the wholesale market. It is made more attractive by services such as waste management, mobility, security, training, digital applications and a wide range of other business support services. This will allow each business to concentrate on their core activity with all related needs met on-site. 

Specific measures will be developed to support the poor and vulnerable in adapting to the changes and to provide new opportunities for their involvement in the sector. Actions to support gender equality are considered by enhancing female entrepreneurship and increasing participation of female workers. Additionally environmentally friendly, sustainable, climate efficient and resilient infrastructure design and renewable energy options will be adopted.

 “The project was awarded at the height of the Covid-19 crisis. We are very happy that ADB was quick to adopt an alternative way to get the project off the ground. Travel requirements were cut back and a new remote way of working was formed. Our top international and national experts are familiar with the local context but also skilled in using modern tools and working across distances. This is a great example of how to deal with the pandemic and keep things moving,” says Sami Kangasharju, Managing Director, Development Consulting, FCG.

FCG's international development consultancy specializes in water management, natural resources, education and good governance, as well as climate change and the environment.

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