The past and the current year have been a time of change at FCG. During 2019, we renewed our strategy. In 2020, our focus has been on implementing the strategy.

Diversity of expertise as a resource and distinguishing factor

Expertise in a wide range of fields is clearly an asset and sets us apart from the competition. We want to make even better use of these advantages for the benefit of our customers by increasing collaboration between our business operations. We are concentrating our group-level operations, and clarifying the roles and responsibilities between the different functions.

In line with our vision, the ongoing changes guide us towards our goal of being the most responsible and largest Finnish-owned consulting company, and the most attractive development partner for our customers.   

When we help our customers respond to changes, it is clear that we also require continuous renewal from ourselves. 

Our new strategy emphasises agility and multidisciplinary expertise, with a goal-driven approach

The process of renewal continues as planned when the Finnish companies merge with the parent company at the turn of the year. The merger will unify the group, but also simplify the group structure and administration, making operations more efficient. 

The companies that are merging with FCG Finnish Consulting Group Oy on 1st January 2021 are FCG Suunnittelu ja tekniikka Oy, FCG International Oy, FCG Koulutus Oy, FCG Konsultointi Oy, FCG Talent Oy, Perlacon Oy and FCG NorthWind Consulting Oy.

The merger will have no impact on customer relationships, contracts, personnel or ownership. The present contact persons remain in their positions, and the locations also remain unchanged! 

As a result of the merger, the business operations of the aforementioned Finnish subsidiaries will be transferred to the parent company, FCG Finnish Consulting Group Oy. In addition to the merger, changes to FCG’s management team and organisational structure will come into effect at the beginning of 2021.

FCG specialises in creating easy, safe and equal everyday living conditions in Finland and around the world. The changes now being made will ensure that this development continues, and will even improve further in the future for the benefit of our customers.