It’s been an unusual year. The year-long coronavirus pandemic has had an impact on families, communities and businesses in many ways. Rules and recommendations have severely limited travel, even among family members, and restrictions have brought work and leisure travel almost to a halt.

Christmas is the most important holiday of the year for Finnish families: people unwind, thank each other for the year and relax with their families and friends. For children, Christmas is all about the benevolent Santa Claus, who comes bearing gifts. They wait excitedly for his arrival all day on Christmas Eve. A Christmas carol has asked for years: “If it doesn't snow on Christmas how is Santa goin' to use his sleigh?” The question is more acute every day because of climate change. It gets a fresh angle this year: do travel restrictions apply to Santa Claus?

This year’s FCG Advent calendar lets us set travel restrictions aside and jump into Santa Claus’s sleigh as he takes us around the world. We will travel with Santa Claus all the way from Bulgaria to the distant archipelago of Kiribati and receive Christmas greetings from around the globe. The pictures along the way present FCG’s development consulting projects and our work for a better tomorrow in developing countries and transition economies. In the past 50 and more years, we have run thousands of development consulting projects in over 150 countries. Our work focuses on projects in environment consulting, water and sanitation, good governance, and responsible use of natural resources. Welfare, education and renewable energy use are growing development consulting areas. In everything we do, we put responsibility and sustainable development principles first.

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