A twofold year marked by Covid-19 – challenges and top results

Year 2020 was challenging for us, and we worked in unprecedented conditions.  The pandemic brought direct challenges to some of our business activities but on the other hand, the Group’s other activities performed better or equally compared with the previous year. 

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FCG Group’s comparable turnover fell due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The Group’s turnover in 2020 totalled EUR 71.7 million (turnover for 2019 was EUR 78.8 million), and the operating loss stood at EUR 0.7 million (the operating profit in 2019 was EUR 0.5 million). Although our turnover declined, the operating result remained at the previous year's level – thanks especially to our personnel, who were,able to innovate in a challenging market situation and plug the gap caused by the pandemic.

During the summer, we gave our organisational renewal a kick start. The goal of the renewal, effective from the beginning of 2021, is to create a more customer-oriented organisation by reducing the number of organisation levels, increasing self-management in teams and improving supervisory work and occupational wellbeing.

FCG's CEO Mari Puoskari in the Annual Report: 
"FCG is the largest Finnish-owned consultancy company, and we develop solutions for wellbeing, sustainable living environments and good governance – all over the world, and in Finland. Our goal is to be the most responsible consultancy company and the most attractive development partner. We work to create a better society in Finland and abroad. This is what creates meaning in our work."