Next generation control meters for the healthcare industry

Developing light and customisable next generation control meters for the healthcare industry. Observation-based visualisation enhances the readability of indicator data.  Our clients include hospital districts, municipalities, towns and cities and the private sector.

Clear indicators bring a new perspective to management and data analysis.  

eDesi is a service that indicates in real time how much hand disinfectant is left in dispensers. The information collected by the service is used in developing patient safety and can also be used in training.  

Prevention of infections can be made more effective by measuring the usage time of hand disinfectant per unit in the organisation with the eHuuhde service. eHuuhde is an important tool in cultural transformation in organisations, because it guides the behaviour of staff towards practices that are safer for patients.  

eHanska visualises the metrics related to the use of protective gloves. The service supports the prevention of infections, provides an overview of the content of the service process and helps in the development of operations.   

The efficacy of the indicators is developed through visualisations.  

ePiikki is a service that enables easy monitoring of the development of vaccine coverage in organisations. In addition, the data generated by ePiikki can be used in training related to vaccine coverage.  

eAika is a queue meter that provides real-time service availability information. The system’s reporting view helps in developing organisational performance by enabling improved queue management.  

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