Digital Solutions

We develop and deliver innovative solutions for recruitment, especially for municipal needs. Our software products are Kuntarekry, Intro and KirkkoHR. In addition to software, we offer other services related to recruitment, such as webinars, consultancy and recruitment marketing.

Software for recruiting and induction

We offer easy-to-use solutions for recruiting and induction that can be deployed quickly. Our software has been developed specifically for the public sector.

Kuntarekry is a cost-effective total service for recruitment by municipalities. In addition to basic and substitute recruitment tools, the service includes

  • The Kuntarekry.fi website, a platform for posting job advertisements
  • Knowledgeable and fast customer support for users
  • Webinars and customer events
  • Visibility for jobseekers on the Kuntarekry social medial channels and at recruitment events 
  • Version updates

Kuntarekry is a cost-effective total service for recruitment by municipalities.

Kuntarekry also makes it possible to easily and reliably manage anonymous recruitment processes. As an additional service, we offer a video interview tool that allows job interviews to be conducted by video link. We also provide support for recruitment marketing and the development of the employer image as separate additional services.

Our newest induction software, Intro, was launched in the spring of 2019. Intro is a tool for employee inductions. It enhances and clarifies the induction process, as all the tasks and individuals involved in the induction can be connected in Intro. The first Intro customers were found in the field of healthcare, and it is now also used in the teaching sector.

The third software product is KirkkoHR, a recruitment system developed to match the needs of parishes. KirkkoHR has become well established as software used by parishes.

FCG software services

Our goal is to streamline customer processes by developing cost-effective digital solutions that support the customer’s processes. An example of this is our recruitment software, which has been proven to save employers time and money. We develop new solutions according to customer needs. Development work is always carried out with customers.

Customers know us as a reliable supplier. Year after year, we receive top ratings for fast and knowledgeable customer service. We want to be involved in developing the digitalisation of the public sector. We continue to develop our own activities to remain an agile, reliable and knowledgeable digital partner.



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