ITE quality management

The Ite method is an agile work community tool designed for the assessment and development of service quality. The method is easy to use, which is why it is often the first step towards systematic quality management.   

The Ite assessment starts with the decision to assess and develop operations. After the planning phase, each member of the working group completes a questionnaire. The results and conclusions are developed together. The Ite method shows the strengths and development targets of the work community. It thus also serves as a basis for further development work.   

Quality management aimed at improvement.  

The Ite assessment is suitable for all work communities or operators, irrespective of the sector. The areas of self-assessment for electronic work communities include  

  • Planning, evaluation and development of activities  
  • Staff and management  
  • Communications and cooperation. 

The results are gone through together from the work community perspective to make joint decisions. The results can easily be used to generate a visual report that enables comparison with earlier self-assessments. In this way, quality development is naturally linked to other annual planning and assessment cycles.   

Insights and goals to which the entire work community commits  

Regular use of the Ite assessment method makes it possible to obtain quality management recognition from FCG for the organisation or work community. The use of the method will also help with the compilation of the self-monitoring plan for social and health care services.  

The Ite self-assessment method has been developed by the Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities in collaboration with quality management specialists. Among the quality management systems on which Ite is based are the ISO, EFQM, SHQS, BSC and CAF systems. The rights to the method were transferred from the Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities to FCG, which also maintains the system. The Ite method was piloted in the autumn of 2019.      

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