The responsibility of municipalities for the promotion of the vitality of their areas is becoming increasingly apparent at the same time as the challenges are increasing. Recent demographic projections and the predicted record-breaking deficit in the municipal economy in 2019 will challenge both national policymakers and the development of municipal vitality.

The sustainable vitality 2020 project supports the development and management of vitality in municipalities
Hard and soft vitality factors and the power to attract and retain are considered in every municipality. Fortunately, new ideas and good practices are continually being developed throughout the municipalities – both within the municipal organisations and with development companies and other actors in the region. The experiences with development projects and local experiments, workable solutions, and opportunities to promote the competitiveness and vitality of the region are best gained as part of an active developer network. 

The EVE network meetings highlight expert views on the various aspects of vitality promotion, combining theory with live examples and good practices.

The meetings also enable a confidential platform for raising problems and extending the networks of municipalities.
Participatory working methods and an interactive digital platform for thematic seminars support the operation of the network.
Thematic seminars are held in organisation-specific workshops. The participants in the network are also challenged to co-develop vitality indicators, and create a survey analysing the change needs of the development companies in the region and the instruments of ownership steering.

The areas of emphasis for 2020 are

  • A skilled workforce
  • Ecosystems and vitality of the region
  • Reputation and pleasantness
  • Company-friendly decision making

In addition to the Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities and FCG, the partners involved in implementing the EVE 2020 network are the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, the Federation of Finnish Enterprises and the Association of Finnish Development Companies.

Participation and registration

The participation fee for the EVE network for 2020 is EUR 8,900 per municipality or municipality plus development company. VAT is added to the price. If the participants are a development company and a group of several owning municipalities, the participation fee and its components are negotiated separately.

The price includes

  • Common thematic seminars (4 seminars, broad opportunity for participation) 
  • A workshop tailored to a specific municipality or company
  • Acting as a pilot target in the development of real-time municipal vitality indicators and surveys, as well as development initiatives to be carried out during the networking.

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