From 2021, municipalities will report their financial data in accordance with public administration recommendations to the municipal finances information service of the State Treasury. At the same time, the municipalities will transition from financial reporting to reporting according to service classification.

Network project to aid in this change phase

FCG and the Association of Finnish Municipalities have created an information management network project called TIJO. The project supports municipalities in the change of financial reporting, adoption of the service classification and long-term economic balancing. The means used in the project are productisation and the automation of economic data.
 Productivity, effectiveness and customer orientation can be improved in various ways, such as 

  • Adopting new ways to organise and provide core services
  • Developing the municipality’s own operations and processes
  • Knowledge-based management.

Development is possible when reliable and up-to-date information on the municipality’s own activities and operating environment is available in the decision-making process. 

Contents of the TIJO network project

  • Control of financial reporting under the municipality information programme.
  • Development support for internal and external reporting of strategic financial management.
  • Support for the planning and deployment of the municipality’s own policies and models in the participating municipalities, and their distribution to other municipalities.
  • Tailored management consultancy to support the aforementioned development and renewal of the municipalities.

The price of the TIJO network project is EUR 8,950 + VAT. In addition, the travel costs of the consultant(s) are invoiced according to the actual costs. 


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