For ten years, the network has been offering approximately 70 municipalities throughout Finland support in the development of organisations and leadership. 

The USO network’s actors and target groups are the political and professional management of municipalities, as well as other stakeholders according to the needs of the municipalities. Over the years, many development initiatives have started in the USO network. 

The key themes of the USO network’s fifth period (2019–2020) include:

  • Municipalities led by forecasting and knowledge
  • Flourishing municipalities 
  • Resource-smart municipalities. 

The municipalities participating in the USO 2019 network have access to

  • Eight national events  for networking and knowledge sharing.
  • A comparative analysis of the starting situation, describing the position of each municipality and its development in relation to other comparable municipalities.
  • A performance appraisal to complement the analysis, involving the formulation of a shared view of the key needs for development and benefiting from the USO network in the municipality’s own development work.
  • Five municipality-specific workshops at which initiatives will be tailored and developed according to the needs of each municipality



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