Addressing Disaster Risk Management and Climate Change Adaptation for Mass Transit Systems in Indonesian Cities

Indonesia is one of the most disaster-prone countries in the world. Between 2007 and 2018 alone, recorded disaster events caused the loss of 7,375 lives and displaced 55,000,000 people, with annual economic losses of approximately US$2.2 to US$3 billion.  Over 60 percent of Indonesia’s districts are exposed to a high risk of flooding. Hydrometeorological hazards are projected to increase with rapid urbanization and natural disaster/climate change effects such as expected sea level rise, changing precipitation patterns, and more intense storms. The country has a road network of about 538,000 km, of which about 47,000 km are national roads, and 1,000 km are expressways. The rail network is about 6,500 km across the islands of Java and Sumatra . Despite this, urban transport infrastructure in Indonesia has not been designed to cope adequately with natural hazards, and future investments in this sector need to be planned and designed to (i) reduce risk from future hazards; and (ii) respond to disaster and climate-related shocks and stresses.

The overarching goal of this consultancy assignment is to support preparation of technical guidelines on resilience building standards for the IMTP, build capacity of the staff of the Ministry of Transportation and the Ministry of Public Works and Housing, as well as support sub-national governments in Bandung Metropolitan Area and Medan Metropolitan Area, as two selected pilot cities of the IMTP, with resilient urban mobility diagnostics. This will be achieved through two key components: (i) develop technical report for national-level resilient urban mobility infrastructure planning, design, and operations; (ii) develop resilient urban mobility diagnostics and investment options for Bandung Metropolitan Area and Medan Metropolitan Area to help inform IMTP investments to better withstand hydro-meteorological and geophysical hazards, as well as better prepare local transport administrators and operators for disaster shocks.

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