Administration and Management of the Responsible Business Fund Myanmar

The RBF engagement in Myanmar has the form of a challenge fund with three ’windows’. Grants will be awarded on the basis of the merit of the project presented for funding. The evaluation criteria, which will vary from window to window, will focus on the effects of the grant on the competitiveness of the applying company, the impact on the environment and the working conditions of the employees, and the expected effect on employment and profitability of the company. The fund will announce ‘calls’ for proposals 1-2 times a year. In order to secure the widest possible dissemination about the existence of the fund (and to increase the number of quality proposals), the fund management will work closely together with existing private sector (support) organisations. 

The objective of the RBF Engagement is: “Increased responsible behaviour and competitiveness of supported enterprises due to access to matching grants”. The outcome is defined as: Increased number of private enterprises improve their i) energy- water and waste efficiency, ii) working conditions, OSH and food safety and iii) skills of human resources.” 

In order to fulfil the engagement objective and outcome, five outputs are defined and will be achieved through a number of activities to be implemented by the Responsible Business Fund under the purview of the Responsible Business Fund Board.

Output 1: An adequate number of qualified service providers (auditors and technical expertise) are available

Output 2: Enterprises made aware of the advantages deriving from improved energy, water-use and waste handling, OSH, food safety and HRD conditions

Output 3: Efficient use of energy and water and handling of waste by supported enterprises (Window 1 – DKK 34.0 million)

Output 4: Improved working conditions, including OSH and food safety by supported enterprises (Window 2 – 15.0 million)

Output 5: Improved human resource capacity of supported enterprises (Window 3 – DKK 15 million)