AEMD call-off: Portfolio review Swedish Global Sustainable Economic Development Strategy

In early 2021, Sida carried out a portfolio review and progress tracking of the Swedish Strategy for Global Sustainable Economic Development. It was found that for strategy goal 2.1 (Ownership and use rights) as well as strategy goal 2.3 (Agriculture and sustainable production) the development towards each strategy goal has been negative/reversed.  The number of acutely malnourished in the world - which already at the beginning of the year was on the rise partly due to. unsustainable use of natural resources and climate change - is expected to double to 265 million in the wake of the pandemic, unless action is taken. The results from that first phase of the portfolio review showed that in general there were many initiatives that work in part with a certain focus (ranked as “1”), while few actually have it as the main focus (ranked as “2”).

The present assignment was a second phase of the portfolio review, analyzing i.a.:

1) How the Unit for Global Sustainable Economic Development at Sida/INTEM  (GLOBEC), and especially project managers working with sub-goals 2.1 and 2.3, should work strategically to promote increased focus on each focus area, i.e. transfers from 0 to 1 or 2, or from 2 to 2 (structurally and thematically, with current and / or "new" partners).

2) A coherent direction around the issues across unit boundaries within the Sida/INTEM department and how this direction could contribute to global policy processes (eg Food Systems Summit 2020).

3) Input to the new Strategy for Global Sustainable Economic Development 2023.

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