AFE 45 Gender and stakeholder engagement Monitoring of the WRIP and ESP Sida/WB projects in Albania

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In 2012 Sida decided to contribute a grant of 35 MSEK to the Water Resources and Irrigation Project (WRIP) for the period 2012-2016. The project is a co-funding with the World Bank and the total budget is estimated to 350 MSEK out of which the IBRD loan is 40 MUSD and the project is executed by the Albanian government. “The objectives of the Water Resources and Irrigation Project for Albania are to (i) establish the strategic framework to manage water resources at the national level and in the Drin-Buna and Semani river basins and (ii) improve, in a sustainable manner, the performance of irrigation systems in the project area. Sida finances particular part of the WRIP.
In 2014, Sida decided to contribute a grant of 68.45 MSEK to the Environmental Service Project (ESP) for the period 2014-2019. The project is also executed by the Albanian government. “The development objective of the ESP for Albania is to support sustainable land management practices and increase communities' monetary and non-monetary benefits in targeted project areas which are mainly in erosion prone rural upland areas. The project comprises of four components. The first component, strengthening institutional capacity aims to build a stable institutional environment that facilitates sustainable upland use management to maximize the provision of the different environmental services. It includes following two sub-components: (i) strengthening forest and pasture management capacity; and (ii) empowering beneficiaries”. Sida’s contribution is integrated into all aspects of the project.

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