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The Embassy of Sweden in Mali has provided financial support to a climate support initiative with Reso Climat Mali and Mali-Folkecenter Nyetaa as the agreement partner. The programme has financed small-scale adaptation initiatives in the areas of sustainable agriculture, water supply, forestry and renewable energy technologies in order to stimulate the local economy. Through this programme, 28 small-scale adaptation initiatives in the areas mentioned above have been financed. 
An evaluation of the previous programme was performed in 2013. 
The 2013 evaluation report has found some weaknesses in the previous programme: 1) weaknesses of the project document and the ones of its members; 2) inability of the most member organisations of Reso Climat to report on the quality of the work done on the ground; 3) absence of strategic documents and approaches central to its works (capacity building, gender approach and capitalisation of lessons learned).
The Embassy is assessing the proposal for the second phase to Reso Climat Mali. Based on the conclusion of the aforementioned 2013 evaluation and relevant issues raised during the internal quality assurance committee, the Embassy finds a need for a monitoring consultant for the implementation of the programme. The rationale for monitoring draws also on the need for the Embassy to learn from the experience in the programme’s implementation in an interactive manner. Hence, lessons learned should be communicated during project implementation and not just as a final report. 

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