Asseessment of PASMIF microfinance programme Phase 3 DRC

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The Swedish Embassy in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) a contracted SIPU/ORGUT under the Sida Framework Agreement on Agriculture, Market Development and Employment, to provide input to the assessment of the proposed third phase of the  “Programme d’Appui au Secteur de la Microfinance” (PASMIF III) in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), for which the agency was considering providing financial support. The sector-wide programme PASMIF promotes the microfinance sector of the DRC. This third phase of the programme has been formulated by the Government of DRC in cooperation with UNDP and UNCDF. The two UN organs will provide financing for the program, complemented with additional funding from other donors, still to be identified.

The assignment was a desk study based primarily on programme documentation, national strategy on microfinance, applicable Swedish policies and strategies as well as international best practice on microfinance (e.g. CGAP).

To do this, the Swedish Embassy desired to improve the efficiency and sustainability of the professional associations set up by PASMIF and to increase the programme’s focus on strengthening the capacities of microfinance institutions.  

As input in the Embassy’s decision-making on a possible renewed support to PASMIF, the consultant was to analyse the justification of and demand for PASMIF 3, make comments and suggestions for possible improvements and to provide support in the potential preparation of a Swedish support to the programme.

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