Assessment of Drought Impacts and Use of Early Warning Climate Information for Resilience Building in the IGAD Region

ICPAC is a specialized institution of IGAD mandated to do climate motoring, prediction and applications of climate information in various socio-economic sectors including climate change. The Centre caters its services for the eight member countries namely: Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, Sudan and Uganda as well as three non-member countries, namely Burundi, Rwanda and Tanzania. The Centre produces and utilizes several knowledge and information products, including statistical and dynamic models to predict climate variability and change and assess climate related vulnerabilities. It also monitors and assesses the past and current state of climate in the Greater Horn of One of the objectives of ICPAC is to provide timely climate early warning information in support of sector applications for the mitigation of the impacts of climate variability and change for resilience building. It also helps develop an improved, proactive, timely, broad-based system of information/product dissemination and feedback, at both sub-regional and national scales through its member National Meteorological and Hydrological Services (NMHSs). The purpose of the consultancy was to improve the existing drought monitoring, prediction and early warning system that is being used by ICPAC. IGAD (ICPAC) with an objective of reviewing drought monitoring, prediction and early warning service being provided by ICPAC, its effectiveness and uptake by users, identify gaps and propose/develop an integrated regional drought early warning system. There was therefore a need to make an investigation of the current drought monitoring, prediction and early warning being used at ICPAC and make an assessment of the needs for improving the system including development of a strategy and plan to improve the system.

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