An assessment of the impact of the drought during the period 2011-2018 on livestock sector/economy and the effects of IDDRSI investments in abating drought impacts in selected IGAD member states (Ethiopia, Kenya, Sudan)

It is well documented that drought is a complex natural hazard that is global in nature, with wide impact that cut across many sectors of any society and many aspects of livelihoods. Coupled with signs of climate variability and change, drought impacts are more complex today and expected to be more severe in the coming future. In the greater Horn of Africa, drought has become a regular and recurrent characteristic of life that often has devastating impacts on peoples' lives and livelihoods. The IGAD MSs and Implementing Partners, members of the IDORSI Platform expressed the urgency for IGAD through its IDDRSI Platform Coordination Unit to develop an annual analysis tracking system for the location of communities in need of humanitarian assistance; the progress of resilience building in the region and determine the trend of increase to explain why the humanitarian caseloads increase. Quantification and understanding of drought impacts can provide the knowledge to develop and implement strategies and plans that reduce its associated impacts. In addition, lessons from the past droughts can help planners and development practitioners to improve future preparedness and how to think differently in dealing with future drought conditions. Against this background, and in the light of the raging drought conditions, IGAD Centre for Pastoral and Livestock Development (ICPALD) will undertake a study to quantify, understand and document the social, economic and environmental impacts of drought on livestock economy of in selected areas of three IGAD Member States, namely Ethiopia, Kenya, and Sudan.


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